Transfer funds directly from your personal financial institution to Financial Agent, David Gory at:



Submit a personal cheque in-person or in the mail to:
David Gory, Financial Agent
MMFC EDA, PO Box 347, Ashcroft, BC. V0K 1A0

Cheques must be made out to:
The Federal Green Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon EDA


Use your credit card to donate to John Kidder's Green Party Campaign in-person, via email or over the phone with Financial Agent, David Gory.

Contact information below.


The maximum cash donation limit is federally set at $20.00

Please refrain from sending cash donations in the mail. Instead, submit it in-person at an event, or contact Financial Agent, David Gory to arrange payment.


Financial Agent
David Gory
With your help, John Kidder and the Mission-Matsqui Fraser Canyon Federal Green Party Association are able to spread awareness about the social and environmental issues taking place in our community and across the country.

Your donation supports our volunteers, contributes to the success of John Kidder's campaign, and strengthens the Green Party collective by allowing our riding to host and attend information sessions, fundraisers and public events to empower citizens with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision this fall.

Please note that donations can only be accepted by individuals with Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.
You are able to donate a maximum of $1,600 via cheque, e-transfer or credit card to an EDA or candidate, in addition to $1,600 to a Party, in a calendar year.

Your donation is also eligible for a federal tax credit:
Your Donation
Your Tax Credit
Your Final Cost

‍To receive a tax-deductible donation receipt at the end of the year, you must provide the following information:
•  First and Last Name
•  Full Address
•  Phone Number
•  Email Address